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What is an FHA Loan?


An FHA loan is a loan that is insured by HUD or the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


FHA loans are meant for the purchase of owner-occupied properties (primary residences) only. However, you are able to purchase a multi-unit property as long as you reside in one of the units. Let’s say a that you buy a duplex. If you live on one side and rent at the other you would be able to use FHA financing.

What are the basics of qualifying for an FHA Loan?*

Let's explore an overview of each of the FHA guideline categories

Additional Helpful Information

2018 FHA Loan Limits

San Diego County: $649,750

Orange County: $679,650

Riverside County: $453,100

Los Angeles County: $679,650


You can find the limits for other counties in the US here: FHA Loan limits by County

Search for  FHA Approved Condos to determine if the condo you want is eligible for FHA financing. The list can be a bit cryptic so please reach out if you need help with the search.

*This overview is not all inclusive and does not include all guidelines or potential qualifying situations. Contact us or your lender for additional information that applies to your situation.

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Laura Borja- Home Loan expert- NMLS 199107
Laura Borja- Home Loan expert- NMLS 199107
Laura Borja- Home Loan expert- NMLS 199107